Veteran Cinematographer with over thirty years experience in television documentaries, music videos, and feature films, Barry is best known for his work as Director of Photography, 2nd Unit: MOONRISE KINGDOM; THE DARJEELING LIMITED; LETHAL WEAPON 4 (HBO FIRST LOOK) and 2E: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL.

Braverman, a member of Hollywood’s Cinematographer Guild, regularly conducts camera workshops worldwide. Since 2006 he has led training in 29 countries, from Mexico to Bangladesh.

Barry will offer a hands-on CINEMATOGRAPHY WORKSHOP for Festival attendees and sit on a panel discussing FUNDAMENTALS OF STORYTELLING. Dates and times soon to be posted.


CEO of Denise launched the platform as a way to empower creators/screenwriters and help them connect directly with their audiences.

Hewett earned a Bachelor's Degree from NYU's Gallatin program and was Director of Sales and Marketing at famed nightclub THE BOX.

Hewett is a seasoned television and digital producer who has worked on UGLY BETTY, SEX AND THE CITY 2, along with tenures at MTV and ENDEMOL (Executive Producer).

Hewett joined the Rough Cut team as an Advisory Board member, official judge and sponsor for the scriptwriting category with top scripts being promoted on her platform.


Originally from Philadelphia, Josh trained at Walnut Street Theater and Ann Reinking’s Broadway Theater project before getting his BA degree in theater from UCLA. He continued his training at the Meisner-based Playhouse West in Los Angeles.

In 2004, he was cast as the lead of NBC's comedy COMMITTED. He has starred in three other series; NBC's FOUR KINGS, ABC's BIG DAY and BETTER WITH YOU in addition to several other pilots.

Josh has an extensive list of other credits including"



(Theater) credits include THE COMMON PURSUIT directed by Moisés Kaufman for The Roundabout in NY; COME BACK LITTLE SHEEBA with S. Epetha Merkson for LATC; and TWELFTH PREMISE at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Josh is an official judge, and will also lead a hands-on acting workshop during the Festival. Dates and Times TBD.


Mariya is a Russian director, screenwriter and actress. She began her career in St. Petersburg where she worked in theater production and the film industry as an interviewer, presenter and assistant director.

Ms. Pyter arrived in Los Angeles inspired by the tradition of America cinema and is a product of the UCLA Extension Directing program. Currently she has two shorts- TASTE TO BE WICKED, and THE DEAD ARE SILENT (based off the book by Arthur Schnitzler) on the festival circuit. Another Schnitzler work, "Rhapsody: A Dream Novel," was the basis for Stanley Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT.

Mariya is currently developing her first feature MAD while working on a documentary on privacy issues in modern society.

Mariya is an active member of Women in film organization and part of the Artemis Women in action film festival marketing team and supports the empowerment of women in film both in front and behind the camera. She is also the founder of MAGIC HOUR PRODUCTIONS in Los Angeles, CA.

Ms. Pyter joined the Rough Cut team as an official judge, will speak on a panel discussion centered on industry inequity, lead workshops on how to navigate the festival circuit as well as hands-on lighting techniques from her shorts. Dates and times TBD.

Hailing from London, England, Kerryn Clements studied film editing and post-production at Ravensbourne University (London).

As part of production and post-production teams, Mr. Clements has worked on several features for Universal, UK including:THE KINGSMAN: SECRET SERVICE, LEGEND, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, AND DOWNTON ABBEY.

Currently on location, Kerryn is working as Production Secretary on Universal’s rebrand of THE MUMMY starring Tom Cruise.

Mr. Clements joined the Rough Cut team as an Advisory Board member and official judge with explicit expertise in film and sound editing as well as special effects creation and integration.


Professor Hobbs is one of the nation's leading authorities on digital and media literacy education. Through community and global service and as a researcher, teacher, advocate and media professional, Hobbs has worked to advance the quality of digital and media literacy education in the United States and around the world.

She is the Founding Director of the Media Education Lab, at University of Rhode Island (and formerly at Temple University) whose mission is to improve the quality of media literacy education through research and community service.

Renee joined the Rough Cut team as an Advisory Board member, official judge and the M.E.L is sponsoring our special "transformative" category regarding Fair Use laws.

Ms. Hobbs will speak on a panel about the importance of increased media literacy in all schools, and how this can be achieved by establishing media making programs. Dates and times TBD.