GPFO is a "film commission" representing southeastern Pennsylvania and is a member of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI). First established in 1985 as a part of Philadelphia city government, in 1992 GPFO became a regional economic development agency and a Pennsylvania nonprofit in 2000.

GFPO Goals:
1. Serve to grow the local film and video industry in every way possible, recognizing its huge economic impact in job creation and its unparalleled public relations effects for the region.

2. Serve to attract film & video production to the region, including everything from feature films to TV commercials to music videos and industrial films.

3. Provide the producer free assistance with parking, permits, labor, and locations, and generally act as the liaison between the production and the local community, cutting red tape as we go.

GPFO has been responsible for impacting the local economy with more than $4 billion since 1992, so Rough Cut is overly thankful for GPFO's support of our initiatives.

PYMC strengthens, connects, and promotes organizations that engage youth in the creation, analysis, and distribution of media. Our network of youth media educators and producers supports youth in becoming creative media makers, critical thinkers, and engaged global citizens. Together, we work to advance a healthy democracy that values youth perspectives and contributions.

ROUGH CUT has been an active member for the past five years and opened up the Festival this year to help showcase the amazing work being produced throughout the city.

PIFVA'S mission is to facilitate the creation of diverse and independent film and media art by consulting and connecting industry members seeking to produce, promote, and exhibit their work across the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond.

Started in 1979 by filmmakers for filmmakers, PIFVA has been a leading organization supporting the local independent film and new media industry through programming which includes The Finishing Fund Grant, awarded annually to projects in final stages of post-production; monthly Cinema Speakeasy event, providing the much-needed opportunity for members to screen their work publicly; workshops and education on issues critical to filmmakers, including legal, business and creative aspects of the industry; fiscal sponsorships for individual projects and organizations, allowing them to receive grants and tax-free donations; and many other benefits.


PWIFT is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to recognizing, celebrating and advancing the professional development and achievement of women working in all areas of film, television, video, multimedia and related disciplines.

PWIFT is committed to creating economic and social stimulus for its members and the community at large by helping emerging artists and established professional members reach their full potential, and by attracting new jobs, investment and production to the creative economy in the Philadelphia area.

Where most film programs tend to be dominated by white males Rough Cut is predominantly minority and female. PWIFT representatives, like Diane Walsh from University of the Arts, will be part of a panel discussing ways to build equity in the industry through media-making education programs. Dates and times TBD.


Our community supports individual artists, curators, and producers in all fields including music, dance, theatre, visual arts, design, architecture, film and other media (as well as disciplines and hybrids yet-to-be-named). We also support the history and heritage community: museums, historic sites, collections, libraries, journalism, and the humanities, making us one of the most multi-disciplinary organizations in the region.

Rough Cut became a member project of Culture Works and the Culture Trust as fiscal partner in 2015. Rough Cut was recently awarded an operational grant from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund to expand existing programming to reach students attending schools without media programming courses.

PCF is a non-profit corporation established by Philadelphia’s Mayor and City Council in 1991 to support and enhance the cultural life and vitality of the City of Philadelphia and its residents.

The Fund promotes arts and culture as engines of social, educational and economic development in the Philadelphia region. Grants are made from the City budget allocation to the Cultural Fund for operating support of Philadelphia-based arts and cultural organizations.

Rough Cut is an official 2016 recipient of an operational grant to expand existing programming and reach to students who attend schools that do not currently offer media creation programming.


GPA was founded in 2010 by nine of the leading international organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Region. It has been incorporated as a member-governed Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation whose purposes are:

TO ASSIST- and to encourage greater interaction among the many organizations and people who are engaged in one form or another of international activity within the Greater Philadelphia Region;

TO PROMOTE- the development of an international consciousness within the Region; To enhance the Region’s global profile.

ROUGH CUT is among over 150 organizations, businesses, and internationally-minded individuals that have become joint venturers in the Global Philadelphia initiative.